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Generator Developments is a mixed-use developer and investor focused on sourcing, planning and delivering residential and mixed-use opportunities mainly in London and Southern England.  This includes our West Country division, Generator South West whose focus is to invest in further development opportunities either for outright purchase or joint venture delivery.

We are not a volume developer; we are a highly skilled team who seek to identify a select number of projects that genuinely excite us and where, in exercising our intellectual capital and financial knowledge, we are able to create an end product that we are proud to be associated with and one that will stand the test of time.  As to our preferred project scale, our extensive skill set enables us to be equally comfortable working on a range of opportunities from small residential schemes to major regeneration projects.

Whilst we often adopt the traditional developer’s approach of acquiring a site from a vendor and taking it forward ourselves, we also offer a more flexible approach where the vendor embarks on the development journey with us in partnership, which enables the original landowner to also participate in the out-turn profitability of a scheme.  We find this to be particularly relevant in the current financial climate where some vendors prefer a mechanism that offers additional return to them as the market improves.  

This flexible approach to development, both in terms of our skill set in all stages of the development process and our ability to tailor the acquisition/partnering of sites to suit the needs of vendors, is what sets us apart from our competitors.  Add to this the strength of our institutionally backed financial partner, and the wealth of connections we benefit from to readily obtain significant additional funds, we consider ourselves well placed to unlock added value on a site in any market conditions.

Our flat line management structure enables us to be efficient in our decision making process.  If you have or are aware of a development opportunity that you consider would be of interest to us, please contact us for a confidential discussion. 

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Generator Developments is a responsible Builder who are members of Checkmate, which is a Designated Warranty Scheme.

Click here to download the Checkmate Consumer Code for Builders of Homes for Sale.